Easy installation in 7 steps

Installing the Calliclad planks is very easy. The planks need to be screwed on a verticale wooden supporting structure. The attachment is invisible because of the screws in the overlapping design.

A finishing profile, in the color of the plank, offers a perfect finish. This profile is easy to install and creates the perfect finishing touch.

Step 1

Fit the supporting structure with ventilated cavity.

  • Supporting vertical structure should be treated timber battens, class 4.
  • Spacing: Please ensure the plank is fixed to a minimum of 4 supporting battens.
  • Distance above ground level: min. 50 mm.
Step 2
Fix the sealing profile at the bottom of the battens.
Step 3
Staple PE joint tape onto the battens.
Step 4
Fix the aluminum Calliclad finishing profile in the colour of the panels.

Exterior corners, interior corners, façade ends and window openings are finished using the Calliclad finishing profile: exterior corner (2 finishing profiles), interior corner (2 finishing profiles), façade end finishing (1 finishing profile).

Step 5
Fix the starting batten (h x d = 30 x 8 mm) that is mounted at the bottom of the battens.
Step 6
Measure, cut and remove the dust from the planks.

  • Measure the length of the planks.
  • Saw the planks to length.
  • Removal of sawdust.
TIP: Always saw and drill in a dry environment; plank must be supported. Remove sawdust and drilling dust immediately(!), failure to remove dust can cause permanent stains!
TIP: At the top and the bottom, provide a continuous ventilation opening (!) of at least 15 mm width.
Step 7

Fixing calliclad planks.

  • The planks are screwed (2 cm distance: see picture), pre-drilling is not necessary.
  • Place them flush against each other at the level of an underlying vertical supporting batten.
  • Please ensure that all Calliclad planks ends are fixed into battens of the supporting structure.
  • The Calliclad planks are placed with an overlap of 3 cm.

What tools do you need?

  • Jigsaw with tungsten carbide blade
  • Drill
  • Spirit level, tape measure, brick line

For more information on installation, download here your installation guide.

also watch our installation video