Colors and texture

The image side of the Calliclad planks is provided with a wood grain structure. The Calliclad planks are then painted. The planks retain form and hardly warp, as a consequence they do not need to be repainted in time. The structure of the Calliclad planks and interaction of light and shadow make your facade a stunning eye catcher.

Available colors:


  • Ice white (cal 1 = Ral 9003)
  • Ivory white (cal 7 = Ral 9001)
  • Slate grey (cal 18 = Ral 7024)
  • Platinum grey (cal 5 =Ral 7047)

Calliclad can be repainted (optional).


  • Grate the planks lightly.
  • Use a water based acrylic paint.

The universal Calliclad profile used for interior corner, exterior corner and finishing is available in the same colors as the planks.

Thanks to a refined production process, quality controls and the use of high quality acrylic paints, Calliclad planks are not only Uv-resitant but Callibo also offers a 10 year colour guarantee on all Calliclad planks.