Advantages Calliclad planks

Calliclad planks combine the natural beauty of wood with durability of composite cement. The perfect combination of sophisticated raw materials and refined production process give Calliclad planks their unique advantages:

Easy installation: the Calliclad planks are screwed on a wooden support structure. In only 7 easy steps you can finalise your own project.

Easy transport: Calliclad planks are available in manageable packs of  6 planks per box. Due to their light weight (4kg/plank) and a length of 1,75 m, Calliclad planks can be easily transported.

Non-flammable: The Calliclad planks are fire resistant.

Low maintenance: Calliclad planks do not require any specific maintenance. Dirt and grime can be cleaned with a mild household detergent or soft soap solution.

Rot proof: Because of the unique product features, the composite cement planks are rot proof and cannot be affected by mould, termites or any other kind of insect. Calliclad planks are also resistant to most chemicals.

Water resistant: Calliclad planks are 100% water resistant.

Uv resistant: Calliclad planks are Uv resistant.

10 year colour guarantee: Calliclad planks are painted with high quality water based acrylic paint. Callibo offers a 10 year colour guarantee, within the limits of natural aging.


Dimensional stability: Calliclad planks do not warp.