About Calliclad

Calliclad planks

Calliclad planks combine the charm of wood with durability of composite cement. Manufactured from high density materials our planks require little or no maintenance and are ideal for cladding facades or walls.


Calliclad planks are ideal for cladding building facades, gables, dormers,renovation of existing walls, building extensions, garages, garden houses…. For new build developments and refurbishment with or without insulation. The planks are flexible and can be placed on slightly curved applications.

Product composition

Calliclad planks are made of composite cement, an environment friendly material consisting of:

  • Cement
  • Lime
  • Natural fibres
  • Water based acrylic paints


Calliclad planks are manufactured on a Hatschek-machine and autoclaved. The visible side has a realistic wood grain structure. Finally the Calliclad planks are coated with a water based acrylic paint. The perfect combination of sophisticated raw materials and refined production process make our Calliclad planks perfectly weatherproof.

Calliclad planks are manufactured by the ETEX group. Etex produces a wide range of sustainable and affordable building solutions. Moreover they can rely on a long history resulting in an extensive knowledge of the building industry. Calliclad planks are manufactured according to the applicable ISO standards.